With growing up the internet, communication networks and also hardware and software technologies, needs for using information technology in different fields including government, banks, industry and …, greatly increased.

Therefore these organizations for organizational and inter-organizational interactions and increasing efficiency and also reduce their costs, are using different administrative and industrial automation, web based software, massaging applications, portals, voice and video conferencing and …. .

On the other hand the new businesses benefit from advantages of electronic services to facilitate their services and create competitive advantage by using dedicated applications.

Using of electronic services needs to have a suitable technology infrastructure that Datacenters and Communication networks are the most important ones.

مرکز داده

Datacenter can be classified in two parts, ‘physical infrastructure’ and ‘logical infrastructure’. Set of buildings, physical environment, power, cooling, physical security and …, called ‘physical infrastructure’ and set of processing resources, storages, active network equipment, security equipment, operating systems and …, called ‘logical infrastructure’.

With the increasing use of communication networks in recent years, it becomes easier to use its advantages in business. Also with more advanced and complicated networks, this is necessary to use enough knowledge and skills in designing and implementing of these networks.

Mobina experts can provide the most efficient and effective networks based on the customer’s requirements by using their abundant experience and knowledge in design, implementing and supporting of different type of networks.

شبکه ارتباطی
متدولوژی اجرای پروژه

Because of complications in datacenter infrastructure, suitable methodologies should be considered in implementation to overcome this complication. To choose a good methodology, Mobina does project technical activities in a managed framework considering best practices, standards and presented frameworks of well-known companies like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, HP and Cisco. The offered methodology is also localized to Iran specific context and conditions.

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