IT managers are mainly concerned with protecting data as one of the most important organizational assets. Nowadays there is not any justification that can make data loss acceptable for the managers. Therefore different technical solutions in different levels are provided to prevent the occurrence of this crisis which the most important one is the backing up of data..

Backing up and restoration of data in a network or datacenter, is known as one of the most important daily activities in the IT scope. To have an efficient and secure solution, Backup and restore software plays an important role.

Sesam software is one of the products of German Company, SEP AG. It is very powerful and well-known backup and restores software which has all modern features and facilities for protecting data with highest performance and reliability level.

Sesam software has a wide compatibility domain with different software and hardware types. It supports all types of operating systems, databases and others software programs. It also supports all commonly used Virtualization solutions in the world and can be completely integrate with them.

In the Iran’s IT scope, ensuring continuity of vendor support while using computer software, is one of the main challenges of the managers. So, since most commonly used backup software applications in the world are produced by American companies, always there is a possibility to lack of the direct support due to the sanctions.

Unlike American backup solutions which have support limitations in Iran, SEP Sesam is a product of Germany and it is not affected by the sanctions, so support services and product sales could be done without any limitations. Also, customers would be protected against risk of using cracked software.

When the customer buys SEP Sesam software, licenses specifically are issued for them and all related documents will be delivered to them. Therefore SEP Company registers customer information in its client list and the customer can take advantage of the direct support using phone or E-Mail. Also In if the customer wants, SEP experts can connect to the related Sesam server in the client site remotely to solve the problem.

In urgent cases and if customer requests, it is possible to have SEP experts in Iran. Besides, in request of customer, the customer company experts can attend in Sesam professional courses in Iran or Europe.

Mobina is the exclusive partner of SEP AG in Iran. More detailed information about SEP AG company is available at

Sesam software architecture type, in addition to having the ability to use operating system drivers makes it possible for the software to be compatible with all types of hardware, including all tape libraries, all Backup-to-Disk devices and all tape drives.

Compatibility with a wide variety of operating systems, including all Linux categories, Windows, HP-UX, Mac OS-X, VMS, SCO-UNIX, SINIX, True64, Netware, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris AIX, PowerMAXOS, …

Compatibility with a wide variety of database and collaboration applications like Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Ingress, Informix, MAX DB, MS SQL Server, DB2, SAP, Sybase, Open LDAP, Zarafa, Open Exchange, MS Excahnge, Scalix, Lotus Domino, …

Compatibility with all hypervisors which are used in datacenters including VMWare, Citrix, Hyper-V

The ability to store on all storage technologies

Simultaneous backup of multiple operations on a tape using Multiplexing capability

Equipped with all modern backup capabilities like LAN-Free Backup and Bare System Recovery

Customized reporting facility

A proper command line interface (CLI) to create advanced scripts

A proper graphical user interface which could be used in other languages such as Persian

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