• Patented Backup Technology
    Unlimited Parallel Backup Streams
    SEP sesam Multiplex Backup
    Restore-Optimized Backups
  • Mobina Service Desk (MSD)
    Requests Management
    Incident Management
    Problem management
    Configuration management
    Service level Agreement
    Comprehensive reports
  • SEP sesam backup
    restore and disaster recovery solution for today's discerning computer environments

IT managers are mainly concerned with protecting data as one of the most important organizational assets. Nowadays there is not any justification that can make data loss acceptable for the managers. Therefore different technical solutions in different levels are provided to prevent the occurrence of this crisis which the most important one is the backing up of data. More


Increasing usage of Information Technology as one of the newest area of technology, caused managers involve in new different challenges. Inherent differentiations of this area compared to other areas of technology caused it to have different challenges. So, traditional solutions couldn’t provide adequate optimization and efficiency for Information Technology. More