Increasing usage of Information Technology as one of the newest area of technology, caused managers involve in new different challenges. Inherent differentiations of this area compared to other areas of technology caused it to have different challenges. So, traditional solutions couldn’t provide adequate optimization and efficiency for Information Technology.

Therefore from the decade of 1980, many efforts to developing standards and procedures for managing Information Technology’s services have been done which finally caused to create ITIL and MOF frameworks.

ITIL contains of successful experiences and best practices in the scope of managing Information Technology’s services and nowadays it is known as the most reliable framework in this area. The latest version of the ITIL framework is 2011.

MSD (Mobina Service Desk) is designed and developed to help IT administrators implement support and maintenance processes of IT services based on the ITIL framework. Taking advantage of this tool makes the support team more agile in responding to incidents and solving the problems. So, it helps to increase availability and confidence of IT services and finally improve customer satisfaction.

This tool can be used in datacenters, Call centers and all of companies and organizations which provide any form of Information Technology’s services to their customers. MSD is developed based on operational experiences of Mobina Co in supporting of Datacenters and establishment of supporting standards like MOF and ITIL.

Requests Management

Incident Management

Problem management

Change Management

Release Management

Configuration management

Knowledge Management

Service level Agreement

Comprehensive reports

Defining indicators of performance measurement

Possibility to change and customizing forms

Possibility to define workflow

Possibility to define complex reports simply

Supporting of Persian and English